Eyebrows are more than just the lines of hair above your eye. Eyebrows are also hypothesized to protect the eye socket from sweat and other debris. They also play a decent role in communication and facial expression. Normally, people would consider eyebrows an important landmark on a person’s face. Thicker eyebrows support a softer appearance in contrast to itself. The face is eyebrow surgeryenhanced with natural eyebrows as it is one of the things that highlight a person’s face.

Since eyebrows are a major facial feature, it is common for people to have their brows modified. Eyebrow Surgery is the treatment done to bring back the brows to full shape. Mostly women undergo eyebrow surgery because of failed cosmetic attempts or other reasons. Eyebrow surgery is also a trend among the cosmetic services, as they aim to give the patient’s eyebrows a livelier look.

Mostly women undergo eyebrow surgery. The desire to have this treatment mainly comes from women who have over-plucked and over-waxed their eyebrows. Overdoing and clearing out eyebrows can do permanent damage and result in the lessening or complete removal of eyebrows. There are many other reasons why women insist on performing eyebrow surgery. These include genetics, hormonal etiologies, and trauma.

Eyebrows restored to your face are usually done in an artistic procedure. The eyebrows to be recovered onto your face depend on your facial type and features. The results your personal desire may also help in completing the eyebrow surgery. There are other different factors being considered by the physicians such as arch shape, brow length and the appropriate thickness of your eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow restoration is permanent. Because your own hair is being used in the process, eyebrow surgery lasts forever on your face. Unlike tattooing or other methods to improve your brow, eyebrow surgery uses transplantation to give you a natural look. Usually, eyebrow restoration is undetectable – it blends in with your face and hair. These are a few reasons why eyebrow recovery is at a high demand especially among women. Most of the people who request eyebrow surgery are also the people who are tired of the daily use of pencils and shapers.

Eyebrow surgery takes more effort than what a regular person may probably think. Eyebrow surgery involves careful planning and artistry. The eyebrow must be positioned artistically and logically, not too high, and not too far apart. After the skill-demanding positioning of the eyebrow, then it is filled in with single or double hair grafts. To replicate the natural eyebrow, the grafts need to be positioned at specific angles and directions. The eyebrow surgeon must also take note the direction of growth of the eyebrows they are creating to mimic that human brow. It is important that the eyebrow surgeon has an eye of an artist to get the most accurate detail he/she can add for your face. It is required for the eyebrow surgeon to do the operation perfectly as eyebrow surgery is permanent.

After the eyebrow surgery, the hair begins to grow again in a few months. They will also start to look fuller in about months. For a full development, a whole year may be necessary for the growth of the eyebrows.

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